Friday, October 07, 2011


Here's a couple of freebies you can start your weekend with.

There's a new live Iggy & The Stooges DVD featuring their live performance of the entire Raw Power album at last year's All Tomorrow's Parties festival. You can get a free MP3 of "Search and Destroy" if you give these folks your email address. (Is this a vile plot to compile a list of Stooges fans for the government to make it easier to confiscate your Stooges records? We'll see.)

Embedded in the below graphic are a couple of videos of live songs (scroll over Iggy's hands), plus a trailer for the DVD. Also lotsa links to where you can buy the video, MP3s, etc.

Then scroll down to the bottom of this post to hear and, if you like, to get a free copy of some musical weirdness from David Lynch. Yes that David Lynch. He's got a new album coming out!

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