Saturday, December 17, 2011

eMusic December

Here's my latest batch of downloads from eMusic:

* Poultry in Motion by Hasil Adkins. This concept album by the Wild Man of West Virginia has been on my eMusic "Saved" list for a couple of years now. I was inspired to finally download it after hearing The Chicken Album by O Lendário Chucrobillyman, a Brazilian one-man band who has to be influenced by Hasil..

Chucrobillyman's crazy record has several songs about chickens, but all 15 tracks from this Norton Records compilation are about the birds.

You have "Chicken Hop," "Chicken Flop," "Chicken Shake," "Chicken Walk" "Chicken Run" ... and of course, the "Chicken Hunch."

Many of the songs go back to the Haze's early days in the '50s and early '60s. Some are from earlier Norton albums Adkins recorded in the '80s and '90s and some were recorded especially for this album -- or at  least first emerged on this album.

What can you say? The man loved his chicken.

* Ersatz GB by The Fall I never thought that first (and only) time I saw The Fall in concert, back in the early ’80s, that 30 years later I would a) be reviewing a brand new Fall album and b) find that fact reassuring.

But here we are in 2011, and Smith is still leading a band called The Fall. The group’s new album, Ersatz GB, is a rocking joy — even though I can’t pretend to really understand it any more than I did that show at the old El Paseo Theater back in the summer of 1981. Like that El Paseo show, this album is somewhat confusing and, yes, a little threatening.

But that just makes me like it more.

For more of my deep thoughts on this album, check out my recent review in my Terrell's Tune-up column.

Gorilla Rose by Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds. Brian Tristan, aka Kid Congo Powers. plays some of the most interesting sounds being produced today. It's a wild mix of  mutated '60s Chicano rock, surf, garage and spooky noirish  R&B.

This album (which is named for an L.A. performance-art character Powers met as a lonesome teenage punk) is a worthy followup to his previous work, Dracula Boots, which followed similar paths into bizarre dimensions.

It's full of instrumentals and weird tales that Powers recites. Did he work in a Hollywood record store and see Rick James lose his temper and start breaking copies of Gloryhallastoopid? Who cares, it's a great story.

Hey, I'm going to write more on this album in an upcoming Terrell's Tune-up. Stay tuned,

Plus ...

* The three bonus tracks from Bad as Me by Tom Waits. I actually talked about these in the column a few weeks ago.

* "Desperadoes Waiting for theTrain" by Jerry Jeff Walker. My favorite version of my favorite Guy Clark song. I actually downloaded this to play on my Santa Fe Opry tribute set for the late Kell Robertson a few weeks ago. Between guest host Mike Good and I, there was way more material than we could use that night, so the song didn't make it on that night. But I still think of that old desperado  Kell when I hear the tune.

* "The Way it Goes" by Gillian Welch.  This is the best song from Gillian's latest album. I heard Tom Adler play it when he substituted for The Santa Fe Opry recently and I knew I had to play  it myself. I'll probably get around to downloading the rest of The Harrow & The Harvest one of these days.

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