Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Question Mark Interview

In case you missed my live interview with the one and only Question Mark of Question Mark & The Mysterians, you can listen to it here through the magic of Mixcloud.

The actual interview starts about 20 minutes into the show following some hard thumping garage rock (including some of the bands I saw at The Detroit Breakdown at Lincoln Center in New York in 2010 -- where I saw Question Mark & The Mysterians for the first time ever. (There's also a little fumbling when I was having trouble getting the telephone to come out over the air.)

Be sure to listen to the end, or you'll miss the story of how Question Mark was nearly crushed to death by Meat Loaf in a rollaway bed.

So wake your friends, slap your neighbors and listen to this crazy stuff.

And while you're at my Mixcloud site, enjoy some of my other radio shows and podcasts posted there.

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