Tuesday, July 16, 2013

R.I.P. T-Model Ford

Mr. Ford with my son Anton August 1999
T-Model Ford died today. His age isn't certain. The Associated Press is reporting estimates between 89 and 93.

He played Santa Fe several times beginning in the mid '90s, including at least twice at The Thirsty Ear Festival.

Once back in the '90s he played with his drummer Spam at a backyard barbecue hosted by my friend Scott. After a couple of hours some neighbors, who somehow didn't appreciate authentic Mississippi blues on a hot summer's night -- called the police. We took the party inside, but not long after, the police were back again.

Some people ...

Here's my favorite part of the AP obit:

Ford had six wives and 26 children, (friend Roger) Stolle said. When Ford’s fifth wife left him, she gave him a guitar as a parting gift.

“He stayed up all night drinking white whiskey,” or moonshine, “and playing the guitar,” Stolle said. “He kind of went on from there.”

I hope they have a big rowdy funeral for him. And I hope nobody calls the cops.

Here's my review of his album Taledragger, which he recorded with the band GravelRoad.

And here's some videos of T-Model in action:

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