Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Introducing "Wacky Wednesday" on This Here Blog

I'm starting a new feature on my music blog: WACKY WEDNESDAY, where I'll introduce you, the reader to strange, funny and/or confounding music -- the type of "unclaimed melodies" that the Firesign Theatre's Don G. O'Vani was talking about when he said , "if you were to go into a record store and ask for them they would think you were crazy!"

Let's start out with an album I stumbled on over at the Free Music Archive., The Many Moods of Bob Purse.

No, I'd never heard of him either. But I bet we'd be friends if we ever met. Purse, an Illinois resident whose day job is in the mental health field, is a blogger, responsible for a site called The Wonderful and The Obsure, which is devoted to song-poems and other obscure and wonderful musical finds.

And he also writes strange tunes himself, some of which were released on an album by Happy Puppy Records a few years ago.

Here's what Happy Puppy had to say about Purse's music:

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, he posted some of his original material on his blog that he had recorded privately over the years. They came from a cassette he originally shared with friends and family back in 1997 called The Many Moods Of Bob. ...

What follows is a truly fantastic DIY album, up there with the likes of R. Stevie Moore, the weird 4-track stuff by Ween, etc. Not only does Bob has a knack for writing off-the-wall tunes, but he's also covered a song-poem [that's  "The Watusi Whing Ding Girl" --swt ] , a handful of obscure commercials, and a couple of parodies, recalling my younger-days of hearing this kind of stuff on Dr. Demento ("Bad TV Acting" was even played by Dr. D on May 16, 1999).

Right now, my favorite one here is the perverse but lethally catchy "The Man Who Licks Your Ears." I'm also digging the bizarre Bee Gees tribute "Three People Pouring Orange Juice."

I'm sure there's a favorite for you too. Play the whole thing below.

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

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  1. T-Bone walker wrote/sang "get's worser on Wednesday" Mr. Terrell I got some 8-Tracks you should hear.


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