Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WACKY WEDNESDAY: An Ode to Trailer Trash

from Alpha's Flickr page
Here are a bunch of tunes that just kind of tickle me -- except one, which you'll see below. They all appeal to my inner Okie redneck.

I just stumbled across this stupid tune by a singer named Colt Ford and immediately liked it. You'll see why. Or not.

I knew there had to be more like this, so I searched Youtube for "Trailer Trash" and up popped this one from a band called  Powder Mill.

Of course, I couldn't leave out Southern Culture on the Skids and this early tune of theirs. I like this fan-produced video:

All the above songs were written and sung in good fun. This next one wasn't. (Don't let the "cover photo" fool you.)

 This one, uploaded in 2013, was "written after idiot judge limited the amount of time I could have with my sons and hooked me up for half my income for child support while they all lived with my ex's meth head boyfriend."

Man, as the veteran of two divorces,both of which induced some pretty bitter moments, I can feel this guy's pain. I left him a note saying "It gets better," because if you can eventually rise above the bitterness, it will get better. I just pray this guy and his sons are doing much better.

But let's not leave Wacky Wednesday on a downer note. Here's another silly "Trailer Trash" tune -- and a fan-made video -- from a group called Rebel Son.

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