Wednesday, January 06, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Mash-up Smash-up!

Time to mash the music
Back in  2004 D.J. Danger Mouse remixed instrumental samples from The Beatles' White Album with vocals from Jay-Z's Black Album to create The Grey Album. (Listen to it and/or download for free HERE.)

Here's a promo video for The Grey Album.

For more than a decade there has been all sorts of hand-wringing  and belly-aching about the legality of all this. EMI, which holds the copyrights on Beatles songs, threatened legal action against The Grey Album, which provoked Internet backlash resulting in mass free downloading of the album.

And the floodgates were opened. For the past dozen years there have been countless amateur Danger Mouses bringing all sorts of unrelated music together over the Internet. Some of the efforts are better quality than others. But when they're good, they're a lot of fun.

Here is a handful of mash-ups that have made me chuckle.

Let's kick this off with those Fab Metallica Moptops

I always thought the Bee Gees would be a lot more tolerable if  they had some AC/DC in them

The Grateful Dead and Notorious B.I.G. share the women and they share the wine.

It's The Sex Pistols, Charlie Brown!

Finally, this one isn't really a mash-up of songs, just a mash-up of different realities.

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