Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Heat Up A Radio Dinner

8-Track Tape version of Radio Dinner
Back in 1972, The National Lampoon basically was the coolest magazine around. And when two of their best writers, Tony Hendra and Michael O'Donoghue set out to do a record album, it was a sure bet it would be profanity-laced, politically incorrect, downright brutal, insulting to decent people everywhere ... and funny as Hell.

My favorite tracks on the album were the parodies of the music stars of the day. Here's Hendra as John Lennon with lyrics based on Lennon's 1971 Rolling Stone interview:

I've already posted this classic "commercial" by Bob Dylan (actually Christopher Guest) in a previous Wacky Wednesday. But hat the heck, here it is again:

I met Joan Baez in a Canyon Road bar once a few decades ago, but I didn't think to ask her what she thought of this Radio Dinner song, "Pull the Tregroes" (sung by Diana Reed). And some inspired YouTuber made this fancy video to go with it.

Finally, here's one for the New Agers. Remember, you are a fluke of the Universe. You have no right to be here ...

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