Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Are there any songs out there about MY favorite super hero?
OK, this Wacky Wednesday was inspired by a recent discussion on the Dr. Demento Show Facebook page. Someone asked for songs about super heroes and the response was colossal.

Some of the ones you'll see below were posted in that thread. Others are just old favorites of mine (because I'm a pretty super guy). Some were both.

Let's start with the old San Francisco hippie band Mother Earth and this song by member Powell St. John that talks about lots of superfolk. It's called "Marvel Group."

Lots of artist have covered Neal Hefti's theme from a very popular TV show in the '60s. But none did it better than Iggy.

Sun Ra must have been a big Batman fan. Not only did he do an entire album of instrumental songs inspired by the caped crusader with members of the Blues Project (under the name "The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale") he did this song with James Jacson on vocals:

In the '90s, The Ramones made the Spiderman theme their own. Joey was very sympathetic to Peter Parker, having once himself been bitten by a radioactive cockroach.

There have been many songs about, or at least inspired by Superman, not even counting that detestable one by the Crash Test Dummies.) But this one, which introduced the world to Laurie Amderson, is my surreal favorite.

Sweet Jayne celebrates the biggest female super-being

"Wait a second, I'm Iron Man. How come you always get to be Iron Man?"

And here's another TV show theme, which I first heard on one of those floppy vinyl discs when I joined The Merry Marvel Marching Society as a youngster.

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