Wednesday, June 26, 2019


1960s Rock Idols
The song "Wild Thing" is an authentic garage-rock classic. Written by Chip Taylor and originally recorded in 1965 by a New York Band band called The Wild Ones, it didn't become a hit until the next year when a primitive British group called The Troggs beat it back into the Stone Age.

I guess that made it ripe for parody. 

In 1967 comedian Bill Minkin channeled the voices of two U.S. senators -- Robert F. Kennedy and Senate Republican Leader Everette McKinley Dirksen (who, in real life had a pretty gallant Top 40 hit of his own in 1966) and recorded a double shot of "Wild Thing" for  Parkway Records -- one side credited to "Senator Bobby," the other to "Senator Everett McKinley."

First the version by "Senator Everett"

The flip side by "Senator Bobby."

The two political giants teamed up in the spirit of "quite rightly" bi-partisan cooperation on this Donovan hit of the day.

And on the flip side of "Mellow Yellow" was another Bobby, someone called "Bobby the Poet." This is a send up not only of Bob Dylan, Bing Crosby and Irving Berlin, but also of Simon & Garfunkel's  "7 o'Clock News/Silent Night." I think they were all smoking bananas.

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