Monday, October 07, 2019

There's a brand new Big Enchilada


In these troubled times, true leadership is needed, even in the world of rock 'n' roll podcasts. Submit to my iron-fisted rule and follow me through an hour's worth of premium rock 'n' roll. I am your voice! Respect my authority!

And remember, The Big Enchilada is officially listed in the iTunes store. So go subscribe, if you haven't already (and gimme a good rating and review if you're so inclined.) Thanks. 


Mixcloud is now the official home of Radio Mutation

Here's the playlist:

(Background Music: Totalitarian Polka by A Pony Named Olga)
Follow the Leader by Wiley Terry
This is Rock 'n' Roll by Los Pepes
Million Times by Alien Space Kitchen
Forever by Sex Hogs II
Reverso Destructo by The ToyTrucks
He's a Mighty Good Leader by Beck
(Background Music: Free Your Ass and Your Mind Will Follow by Funkadelic)

Leader of the Sect by The Downliners Sect
Untamed Dame by R├ąttanson
Hialeah Backstretch by Charlie Pickett
Red Me by Guitar Wolf
Goin' Away Baby by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes
Take Me to Your Leader by The Lancers
(Background Music:  Soviet National Anthem by youtubeaccount 01)

We Want to Talk to Your Leader by The Scaners
Don't Take Your Bad Trip Out on Me by The Electric Mess
Why Follow Me by Pan Ron
'Til the Following Night by Screaming Lord Sutch
Pony Dress by The Flesh Eaters
Why Don't You Follow Me Down by The Berries
(Background Music: I Will Follow Him by Little Peggy March)

Play it here:

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