Wednesday, January 27, 2021

WACKY WEDNESDAY: They Did the Mash

O.K., dear friends, it's been a few years, so it's time to amuse and delight you again with some wonderful, wacky mash-ups. One thing all of the following videos have n common is that they're all from the same guy, one Bill McClintock. I didn't set out to do that. I don't know anything about the guy. Don't know where he lives, how old he is, his political leanings, his favorite card games, anything. 

But when I started looking around in YouTube for some cool mash-ups a few days ago, somehow the best ones were by McClintock. They're not only funny, they're seamless.

This one's got some troubling undertones. I mean, what if Slipknot mated with The Spice Girls?

And what if Rick James joined The Clash?

My only problem with this one is that the title had me anticipating an appearance by Marie's brother.

And I regret that there never was a real collaboration between Pantera and The Marvelettes. 

More fun with mash-ups from this blog HERE and HERE.

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