Wednesday, April 05, 2023

THE RETURN of WACKY WEDNESDAY !!! (Mash it good!!!!)

Yes, Wacky Wednesday is back. I took a near year-long break from doing this little blog feature -- as well as my Throwback Thursday feature -- nearly a year ago. Burned out, I guess.

I'd like to say that I'm resuming this due to popular demand. truth is, hardly anyone noticed it was gone. (Same is true for The Big Enchilada podcast, which I stopped doing nearly two years ago.)

So to Hell with you guys! I'm doing this again just for my own amusement whether anyone cares or not.  

Now let's get to some crazed mash-ups.

The Maharishi of the mash-ups, Bill McClintock  did this one to show the country side of Van Halen:

Have you ever wondered how the Wu-Tang Clan would sound with  B.B. King? 

If you listen to this Pink Floyd/Bee Gees mash-up while watching The Wizard of Oz, YOU WILL DIE!

My only complaint about this next one, featuring Laurel and Hardy dancing to a mash-up of the Red Hot Chile Peppers and Aerosmith is that they should worked in an actual Laurel & Hardy song. I mean, come on, "Shine on Harvest Moon" or "Trail of the Lonesome Pine" would have sounded great here.

Mash-a-palooza! Find more fabulous mashups HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

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