Thursday, December 07, 2023

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Just a Little Old Fashioned Christmas Cheer


I'm nothing but an old softy when it comes to Christmas.

So in that spirit of the season, here is a handful of the most beloved Christmas songs of all time. And to those nitpicky nabobs who might say this Throwback Thursday seems more like a Wacky Wednesday, I'll just say, "WHY DO YOU HATE CHRISTMAS?!??!?"

Let's begin this celebration with a traditional song by the ascended master Soupy Sales:

Speaking of surfing, The Butthole Surfers offer their snappy version of "Good King Wencenslaus," which apparently is another name for Santa Claus or maybe the little lord Jesus:

And now for a stunning Claymation take on "The Carol of the Bells":

Joe Pesci knows that Santa is a good fella:

And how can it be a Christmas without Wesley Willis? 

Kay Martin always fills me with Christmas spirit:

Joseph Spence always believed in Santa:

And finally, I really dig Angry Johnny & The Killbillies and they really dig Christmas:

So lets have a safe and meaningful holiday, and always check your Christmas cookies for drugs and razor blades.

For hours and hours of warped Christmas songs, check out my Big Enchilada podcast Christmas specials.

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