Wednesday, April 24, 2024

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Albums Named for Unappetizing Food

O.K., I'll admit this is a pretty dumb idea. 

It came to me yesterday after I ran into my friend Dan during my afternoon walk along the Santa Fe River Trail and he mentioned a Ty Segall album called Fudge Sandwich.  For some reason that reminded me of Primus' album Pork Soda.

Then it got worse.

So here's. selection of songs from albums named for dishes you've probably never consumed -- and never would want to.

My drink order? How about a frosty can of ...

I see the soup d'jour is Goat Head Soup.

I can' decide between the Burnt Weenie Sandwich ...

Or the Fudge Sandwich ...

But I would like a side of Caviar and Chitlins

And for dessert, how about a slice of Spider-Cake? (I'm cheating here. This actually is an EP by a group called The Ashens, not a full album. But that's o.k. I'm suddenly not very hungry.)

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