Wednesday, May 22, 2024

WACKY WEDNESDAY: AI Songs to Destroy Art & Civilization

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Wait until the "videos" below. Keep your damn shirt on!

Here's some startling news that might offend some of you gentle readers:

I've joined forces with our ROBOT OVERLORDS to create some new music!

Yes, despite my first rocky encounter with AI (read about that HERE) I've been messing around with a free AI music site called Suno to make new songs in a multitude of genres with the help of my new artificial pals, The Spanish Henry Singers.

I know, I know, palying with AI is PLAYING WITH FIRE! In fact I looked to the Internet -- Chat GPT to be specific -- to tell me about potential AI problems. Here's some of the potential areas of danger:

  • Ethical Concerns
  • Job Displacement
  • Privacy and Security
  • Autonomous Weapons (as Chat GPT went on to explain: "The development of AI-powered autonomous weapons raises serious ethical and humanitarian concerns, as they could potentially act without human oversight, leading to unintended harm or escalation of conflicts.)

  • and, last but not least ...
  • Existential Risks: ("Some experts worry about the long-term implications of creating superintelligent AI that could surpass human intelligence and potentially pose existential risks to humanity if its goals are not aligned with human values. "
Jeepers! All I'm trying to do here is have some outraged U.S. senator mention The Spanish Henry Singers at some future Congressional hearing on AI.

So enjoy these songs below. Let's start out with a rockabilly stomp called "Pandas & Poodles" (The title on the song below incorrectly says "Wild Creature Love," which is the original title the Suno program gave it. I can't get it to change. Fucking ROBOT OVERLORDS ...) :

You like good basic garage-punk? Here's "Insect Eradicator":

What if Denny's became a grand-slam disco after midnight?

This one's a traditional Irish song about drunk skunks and iodine:

My brother, who introduced me to the wonderful world of Suno, says this one is my best:

For this one I asked for a traditional Mexican narcocorrido about a man named Biff and his love for the beauteous Carlotta Gomez. (For more info on this fair Mexican maiden  CLICK HERE )

This one is a good example of the strange poetry style of AI lyrics, which sometimes sound like an unholy cross between song-poems and The Shaggs, ends with, "In this ruthless land/Where hearts turn to stone/Their love story burns like a narcocorrido's tone." 

If that don't bring tears to your eyes ...:

 Next time you need to share a birthday greeting, feel free to share this:

And finally, The Monkees got nothin' on The Spanish Henry Singers!

All my songs that I've liked well enough to share with the public can be found HERE. 

Check back at that link every so often. I'll be adding new ones.

The outlaw Spanish Henry

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