Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I won't even pretend to be neutral on this one.

Gregg Turner is a friend of mine. We've done musical gigs together. The picture here is a publicity shot (thanks, Dave Alfaya!) for one of those performances about 10 years ago. I even sang at Gregg's wedding, as did Jono Manson and Lenny Hoffman.

What happened to him at New Mexico Highlands is downright sleazy. I wish I could link Gregg's op-ed piece in Sunday's New Mexican, but it didn't run on the free site.

Basically, Turner, a math professor at Highlands, was denied tenure at Highlands even after getting a strong recommendation from his department head and a strong rating by his peers. Gregg was one of four professors in the same boat.

The stench is high on this one, folks.

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