Wednesday, April 16, 2008


The latest batch of campaign finacne reports, covering the quarter that began Jan. 1 and ended March 31, were due yesterday.

In the New Mexico U.S. Senate race, Democrat Tom Udall ended up with more than the two GOP contenders together. Udall has $2.6 millioon in the bank and chances are by the end of the primary, Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce will have close to nothing. But does that really matter in the long run. Read my story HERE.

Don Wiviott, Dem
Meanwhile in the Democratic Third Congressional District, Ben Ray Lujan outraised everyone in the last quarter -- $328,000 -plus, compared with $113,00 for Benny Shendo, Jr. and $109,000 for Don Wiviott. However, when you count the $850,00 or so Wiviott has given himself, Lujan's total is still way behind the Santa Fe developer's. Be prepared for wall-to-wall t.v. commericals for this race coming soon. Read more about this race HERE

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