Monday, April 21, 2008


I just got a nice e-mail from Jerry Lawson, formerly of The Persuasions, and his wife Julie alerting me to a new Lawson song you can hear streaming on the Web.

The new one is called "Down on My Knees," featuring Jerry backed by a band (cool slide guitar and reggae beat.)

And from that page you can find two songs of Jerry with Talk of the Town, an a-capella group from Phoenix. The songs aren't named, but I recognize the last one as Randy Newman's "He Gives Us All His Love." (The other is good too. It's called "I Hope.")

Check them out by clicking the icon below: (It'll take you to "Down on My Knees" You'll find links to the other two on the right side of the page.)

Down On My Knees_Jerry Lawson - Share on Ovi

But here's some bad news. According to Norton Records:

"... we received word yesterday that Nathaniel Mayer suffered a stroke this past week. Our prayers are with Nay Dog for a full recovery. LOVE YOU NATHANIEL!!!!

Ditto from Santa Fe, Nathaniel.

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