Saturday, May 03, 2008


Friday, May 2, 2008
KSFR, Santa Fe, NM
10 p.m. to midnight Fridays Mountain Time
Host: Steve Terrell

Now Simulcasting 90.7 FM, and our new, stronger signal, 101.1 FM
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OPENING THEME: Buckaroo by Buck Owens & The Buckaroos
Wild Wild Young Men by Rose Maddox
I've Always Been Crazy by Waylon Jennings
$30 Room by Dave Alvin
Rita's Breakdown by Mama Rosin
Love's Disease by Possessed by Paul James
LSD Made a Wreck Outta Me by T. Tex Edwards & Out on Parole
Satan Gave Me a Taco by Beck

In the Summertime by Roger Miller
I'm Gonna Love You Too by Buddy Holly
Hopes Up High by The Flatlanders
Get Happy by Simon Stokes
Down Here Below by Steve Earle
Howard Hughes Blues by Laura Cantrell
Wild Old Nory by The Wilders
Bottle of Wine by The Fireballs
Dick Shake by The Juke Joint Pimps
Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain by Ween

HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY WILLIE, Born April 30, 1933
(All songs by Willie Nelson, except where noted)

Intro/Where's the Show/Let Me Be a Man
Time of the Preacher by Johnny Cash
Mr. Record Man
Funny How Time Slips Away by Elvis Presley
So Much to Do
My Life's Been a Pleasure by Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard & Ray Price
Are You Sure? by Ray Price
I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye

What Would Willie Do? by Bruce Robinson
Pretend I Never Happened
When the Silver Eagle Meets the Great Speckled Bird by Porter Wagoner & Willie Nelson
Something to Think About
Can I Sleep in Your Arms by Carla Bozulich with Willie Nelson
A Couple More Years by Jerry Lee Lewis & Willie Nelson
Pick Up the Tempo

Steve Terrell is proud to report to the monthly Freeform American Roots
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