Monday, January 31, 2011

Jamie Leaves Fan Man

Here's some news I never expected to report.

Jamie Lenfesty, who for all practical purposes is Fan Man Productions just sent this email:

To all my friends, colleagues, and supporters of live music in Northern NM;

I am writing you to let you know that today, Monday, Jan 31 is my last day at Fan Man Productions. I am NOT leaving Santa Fe, but I have accepted a position at a non profit here called the Heath Foundation as Director of Heath Concerts. My position there begins tomorrow, Feb. 1.

After nearly 20 years it is time for me to take this opportunity to pursue some of the many ideas I have had to do more for Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico's music scene; to become even more involved in community building, community events and music education. Fan Man had a great run but this move has in many ways been a long time coming as my vision of my role here has matured as to how I want to impact my community. I am truly excited to take all that I have learned and apply it working for Heath

I look forward to hearing from you at Heath Concerts and assure you all there are many exciting developments afoot with this move that will help Santa Fe's music scene grow going forward.

I don't know what this foundation is, but if starts to being good music here, more power to it.

Good luck Jamie.

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