Thursday, January 06, 2011

When First I Came to MTV

I'm not one for '80s nostalgia. And it's been decades since I actually sat down and watched anything on MTV. (I am aware that there's very little music on the Music Network anymore.)

But back in 1982 or '83, when I first got cable t.v., MTV was brand new and for awhile there I was addicted. I don't know how many hours I spent watching all those weird old videos with my daughter, who was just a toddler then. (The Greg Kihn video below used to scare the crap out of her!)

Most this music seems strange to me nowdays -- all those horrible synths and drum machines. Still, there's something blissfully dumb about that sound that brings back happy memories. I guess that is nostalgia.

I'm not sure what set me off on looking up all those old videos. Maybe it was hearing "White Wedding" on the radio a couple of nights ago. Maybe it was hearing The Floors do Kihn's "The Break Up Song" at Corazon Saturday night. Maybe I was blinded by science and didn't even know it.

Who knows, who cares? Here's my Top 10 Favorite MTV videos of the early '80s

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