Sunday, October 27, 2013

NOOOOOOO! Lou Reed is Dead

Lou Reed, founding member of The Velvet Underground and all-around rock 'n' roll bad-ass is dead.

According to Rolling Stone the cause of death isn't known yet, but Reed received a liver transplant earlier this year.

I only got to see him live once, in Austin in 1996 when he was promoting his album Set the Twilight Reeling. Damn it, I'd like to write now that it was the greatest concert of my life. It wasn't. It was a good show, but just a couple of nights later his contemporary Iggy Pop did a free show right off Sixth Street and his crazy energy basically wiped Lou Reed's more sedate concert out of my memory.

Still, I cried when I learned that Lou Reed had died. I thought the surly son of a bitch was immortal.

I'll give Lou a proper send-off tonight on Terrell's Sound World. (10 p.m Mountain Time on KSFR, streaming HERE.)

Until them, here's a couple of Lou videos


  1. damn, just heard on the radio, and looked to see if you had posted. this morning i almost requested "walk on the wild side" as my song choice for an upcoming wedding - didn't though; probably inappropriate.



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