Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Music Treat: Dave Alvin Live in Santa Fe, 2008

This is Alvin at SF Brewing in 2009

Messing around on the Live Music Archive last night, I discovered this November 2008 show.

It's Dave Alvin, doing an acoustic show at the Gig Performance Space in November 2008 with guitarist Chris Miller.

There's a bunch of great tunes here, including non-electric takes on rockers like "Ash Grove" and "Jubilee Train," which normally are performed with a full band.

And you'll hear Alvin's dry humor. At one point when he's having a little trouble tuning his guitar, he says, "Ah hell, that's close close enough. It's only Santa Fe. You know, it's not like the bowling alley in Farmington, where people are discerning."

You can listen to the show here or go to The Live Music Archive and down any or all of the songs. Enjoy!

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