Thursday, December 31, 2015


Father Time's got the New Year Blues

OK, enough of this Auld Lang Syne crap! As this year goes down the tubes of eternity, let's get down down with some New Year's blues with some of the great blues artists from the last century.

Let's kick it off with Blind Lemon Jefferson and this song from the late 1920s.

Lightnin' Hopkins did this jaunty little jumper in the early 1950s

Back in 1962 Roosevelt Sykes sang about his troubles keeping New Year's resolutions.

Also in the early '60s Lonnie Johnson had some New Year's blues


This 1935 recording features Mary Harris on vocals, Charley Jordan on guitar and Petey Wheatstraw (William Bunch) on piano.

Finally, also from 1935, here is some Tampa Red.

May your New Year not be so blue!

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