Friday, April 01, 2016

Listen to Steve Young Live on the Santa Fe Opry in 2005

I was out of town last month when singer-songwriter Steve Young died, so I didn't get to pay him proper tribute on the radio until last week's Santa Fe Opry.

There I played a couple of songs from Steve's appearance on the show back in October 2005. They sounded so good to me I thought maybe I should put last week's show up on Mixcloud.

Then I thought, Hell! I should post his whole live appearance.

And so I did and here it is.

Unfortunately, the first moments of the conversation didn't make it onto the recording . But all the songs he played are there, Steve sang a few originals, a couple of covers of songs best known by Hank and Elvis and talked with me about his life and career.

Thanks again to Jim Terr, a longtime friend of Steve Young's, for arranging him to come on the show.

Play it below and find all sorts of my radio shows and podcasts on my Mixcloud page,

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