Thursday, December 21, 2017

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Some Sad Old Country Christmas Songs

If you're looking for Christmas cheer ... don't come here.

Deep in heart I do believe that 99-percent of Christmas music sucks the warts. For the most part I agree with these guys.

But there is a major exception. I'm a sucker for a sad country Christmas song.

In my Terrell's Tune-up column last week, I mentioned a song by George Jones (included on Rhino Records' Bummed Out Christmas compilation. It's one of the best country Christmas weepers. Check it out below.

You know it's going to be sad one when Kitty Wells sings "Holidays are lonely days for me ..." at the very beginning of  "Christmas Ain't Christmas Anymore."

This is just one beautiful song by Buck Owens. Hell, I'd even listen to this in July.

Loretta Lynn tugs at your holiday heartstrings with "Christmas Without Daddy."

But the most over-the-top maudlin Christmas tune in the history of country music has to be "Billy's Christmas Wish." This is the saddest Red Sovine song since the Phantom 309 ran over Teddy Bear.


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