Monday, March 08, 2004

Bill & Bonnie Fest

It was a great time and a HUGE turnout at the Paramount last night for the Bill & Bonnie Fest. Bonnie looked so cool when she took the stage wearing a queen's crown.

Thanks to Margaret Burke for organizing everything. Getting that many crazy musicians involve has to be like herding cats, but everything went smoothly. My buddy George Adello had something to do with managing the stage too. But his greatest contribution was playing a high energy "Rancho Grande."

I was going to debut a new song last night, but I chickened out. I was still stumbling over the lyrics right before the show. Plus there was no time to teach it to the backup musicians. So for my tune I chose Johnny Horton's "North to Alaska."

I don't know how much money ended up getting raised, but I would imagine a lot.

I hadn't heard Bill & Bonnie in several months, so that was a treat. It was also a treat seeing all those pickers in one place. We should do it more often, guys and gals!

No Sound World play list this week. Sean Conlon of KSFR's GRAVEYARD SHIFT (early Thursday mornings, midnight to 2 a.m.) filled in for me so I could go to the Bill & Bonnie show. I heard most of the last hour or so, and Sean was properly weird and diverse. He'll be filling in for me on both Sound World and Santa Fe Opry when I'm at South by Southwest in a couple of weeks.


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