Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Almost a month ago I posted here about an e-mailed letter to the editor of The New Mexican in which reader Andrew Duran apparently was upset with a story I wrote about a local Republican Party function.

"terrell should go back where he came from.where racism is still rapant and the gop are still lynching people of color." is just one of the suggestions he shared in his thoughtful critique.

The e-mail address on the original letter at first looked like a phony because when I tried to respond to this gentleman my e-mail was returned. But I guess the crack editorial staff of The New Mexican was able to verify the author. A heavily edited version of the letter was published in today's paper under the headline Terrell the Terrible.

If you missed the original post and want to see the full unedited letter and my response, it's right at the top of my April Archives.

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