Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Wonkette, earlier this week, was not impressed with Amanda Cooper's insisting that there was no talk about her boss Bill Richardson's 2008 plans during a recent meeting with high-level political consultants. (Check the bottom of last week's Roundhouse Roundup.)

The weird part is the fantasy about Richardson's announcement. Read it yourself HERE.

Tijuana, here we come!


I was going to put this in last week's column, but I ran out of space.

Kate Nash had a piece in the Albuquerque Tribune last week about that Bill Richardson story in the Denver Post that reported the governor speeding again.

Here's the official denial from the governor's office:
"I was following the governor's vehicle, and I don't believe we were speeding," (spokesman Gilbert Gallegos)said. "We certainly weren't going 90 miles an hour."
This gave me a feeling of deja voodoo.

Here's a quote from a column of mine last year when a freelance photographer I was working with couldn't keep up with the gov's SUV.

Richardson spokesman Billy Sparks denied the governor was going that fast. “I was in the car behind him, and we didn’t go over 70,” he said.
What can you say? I guess it's good to have loyal people behind you.

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