Tuesday, April 11, 2006


My friend and former colleague K.C. Compton, who now lives in Kansas, has not one, but two blogs:

Great Big Wow


Samurai Mama, which New Mexican readers might remember was the name of her column for the paper. (Was that the '90s, the '80s, or both?)


Here's the most surreal thing I've found in my Junk Mail folder lately:

onion, oats shambles a celluloid narcissist quandary, stub handler islander overshot celluloid. veterinarian, husk nylons
jumpy to rear methane extinction, flew to scientifically was corruption embarrassing stagnant or queasiness

prophesy to procrastinate exceedingly S.O.B. an exit ramp, survival, the carbon paper of approximation the brownstone
invigorating to Baptist! mimic railing place mat, deadlock, tropics military earthquake breaking point scope house-sit the
fragile sisters-in-law to salute drowsily as UN a as crayfish trio, of propaganda with liquor store of certification the authority, hemlock, is bleachers acrimony the as immutable
stage commit, it dysfunction encumber
The subject line was "noticeable ain't." And following the above magnificant prose was what looks like a press release for something called "America Asia Petroleum."

I hope this isn't some secret code to activate some terrorist sleeping cell.


I wanted to post a link to a site Helen told me about where waitresses from across this great nation posted the names of bad-tipping customers. However, the site seems to be down. (Hint: If you're going to stiff a waitress, don't pay the bill with a credit card.)

I notice it was just named Web Site of the Week by The Boston Phoenix, so maybe their server got overloaded.

From the Phoenix:

it is downright fascinating to hear about the relentless waitress-badgering that comes from, say, Rudy Guliani or Sharon Stone. Among those notorious for being poor tippers are Kathie Lee Gifford, Pat Sajak, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis (who allegedly left a sub-dollar pile of change at a cafĂ© in Grand Rapids, Michigan). Even Boston’s own Steven Tyler is a well-known “10-percenter
In case it comes back to life, here's the link to BitterWaitress.com

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