Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Workaholism is a terrible disease.

Here I am, up in Denver on location supposed to be relaxing for election season becomes completely insane ... then last night I had this dream ...

In the dream I was, as in real life, off work for the week. But for some reason, I go by the office. Then I find myself in a certain government office where I run into a certain politician. (I won't mention any names because it's only a dream and if somehow it came true, Bob Mayer would have write a book about me.)

So I start talking to this politician about some new controversial change to the tax code that would make it virtually impossible to have live music in Santa Fe. It turns out this politician is for this Draconian change. After discussing it back and forth, she finally admits she's behind it, "to keep drugs away from the kids." (In real life, this politician has nothing to do with either tax policy or public safety issues.)

I'm outraged at this blatant pandering and I storm back to the newsroom demanding to write a story -- even though I know I'm on vacation. (In real life, such pandering is so common, it would hardly be considered hot news.) I see Bill Waters and tell him "I should be physically restrained from coming in here on my vacation."

Luckily I wake up before I start writing.

(Speaking of not writing, there will be no Roundhouse Roundup this week. I did do an advance Terrell's Tuneup though, so watch this space.)


We saw the Rockies lose to the Brewers last night, The game was remarkably similar to the Isotopes game we saw Saturday. Going into the 9th, the Rockies were down 1-0. The game was completely scoreless until the 7th inning, so it had been a fairly boring game.

But excitment grew when the bases got loaded. Unfortunately the Rockies couldn't seal the deal.

Oh well, I'm writing too much. I should be physically refrained from my laptop.

Check out my latest vacation pictures on FLICKR.

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