Tuesday, August 22, 2006


My brother alerted me to this critical news story.

Filipino 'dwarf' judge loses case

A Philippines judge who said he consulted imaginary mystic dwarves has failed to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to keep his job.

Florentino Floro was appealing against a three-year inquiry which led to his removal due to incompetence and bias.

He told investigators three mystic dwarves - Armand, Luis and Angel - had helped him to carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

But, you know, it probably wouldn't hurt if Armand, Luis and Angel would advise some New Mexico judges ...

UPDATE: This morning I found an extremely lengthy (like 17 times larger than the original post) comment from someone claiming to be Judge Floro. I reluctantly deleted it just due to space. (For some reason the comments here appear on my blog itself, not in a separate pop-up. Blogger hasn't been able to help me. I've got to do something about that.)

Most of the comment was repetitive recapping of the news story from various sources and comments of support from others. Here is a link to Judge Floro's blog, where some of those comments seem to come from. Again, I can't vouch for the authenticity, but it's pretty interesting. I'll save the original comment so if anyone wants to see the whole thing, e-mail me.

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