Monday, March 03, 2008


A former Republican state senator from Albuquerque is switching sides in the upcoming presidential election — maybe.

Victor R. (”for Republican”) Marshall said Monday he’s started and appointed himself president of a national group — at this point a one-man group —called “Republicans for Obama, But Not Hillary, No Way.”

RFOBNHNW already has a one-page Web site, in which lawyer Marshall explains his political stance in simple language:

I’m a lifelong Republican.
I’m disgusted with my party.
Barack Obama is the best candidate in this election.
I’m going to vote my conscience and vote for Obama in November
— if I get the chance.

If Hillary gets nominated, I’ll vote for John McCain.
I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. Not ever. No way.

The site links to a more established group just called “Republicans for Obama.”

“There’s a ton of people like me,” said Marshall, who represented an Albuquerque Senate district between 1985 and 1992, in an interview. “I’m a fiscal conservative, I’m green, I’m pro choice. I want to know what’s happened to the Republican Party.”

Marshall said it doesn’t bother him when Republican McCain or Democrat Clinton criticize Obama for “lack of experience.” "Experience," Marshall said, is "just a buzz word for political hacks to justify themselves.”

One way to tell that Marshall has Republican blood in him is his reaction toward Clinton. “There’s too many reasons to list. I think she’s dishonest, just like her husband,” he said.

(Full disclosure: Marshall works as an attorney for The New Mexican. )

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