Friday, August 15, 2008


I did a story today about a cool Web tool created by the Rio Grande Foundation, a conservative think tank, to track legislation and legislators.

My story about is HERE.

But more important -- the Web site is HERE.

I played around with it for a long time yesterday and everything seemed to work. (And as I said in my story, there doesn't seem to be any overt ideological bias on the site.)

However, one astute reader who e-mailed me found a funny little problem: The site describes House Bill 1 from the regular session as "BANS THE USE OF PUBLIC RECORDS TO COMMIT A CRIME."

"Hmmmmmmmmmm, I've seen HB 1 described in many ways ... but this may be that unabashedly right wing interpretation I hadn't considered before ..." the astute reader joked.

In my random yesterday I hadn't looked at HB 1, which, as people who follow our Legislature know, is always the "feed bill," which appropriates money for the session at hand. Doing a quick check this morning, I couldn't find any bill from last session that banned the use of public records in committing crimes.

Hopefully there aren't many more of those on NewMexicoVotes.

UPDATE: Looks like NewMexicoVotes fixed HB 1.

Now I can go back committing crimes with public records.

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