Monday, January 16, 2012

Kickstarting Gregg Turner

I did something I normally don't do for musicians and probably won't again real soon. But I've been friends with Gregg Turner for too many years and have been an occasional part of of his Hatchet-Wielding Jews revue. He played for free at my CD release party 15 years ago! He saved my life at the ol' swimmin' hole. He jack-knifed his 18 wheeler to save that busload of kids ...  So how could I turn him down when he asked me to plug his Kickstarter project? (Plus, he agreed to tape a quick spot for The Big Enchilada! The log-rolling is shameless!)

Turner, for the uninitiated, is a former member of The Angry Samoans, Vom, and I think maybe Herman's Hermits. More recently, he's played with a group of miscreants called The Blood-Drained Cows. And don't forget The Hatchet-Weilding Jews.

Turner is trying to raise money to record a new album called Gregg Turner Plays the Hits. Check out all the details HERE.

And check out the other fine testimony of Nicole Panter, former manager of The Germs, (and former College of Santa Fe instructor) HERE,  right below my own sleazy offering.

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