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Terrell's Sound World Facebook BannerSunday, Oct. 21, 2012 
KSFR, Santa Fe, N.M. 
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays Mountain Time 
Host: Steve Terrell
101.1 FM
email me during the show! terrell(at)

 OPENING THEME: Let it Out (Let it All Hang Out) by The Hombres
Louie Louie by Iggy Pop
Big Blue Chevy 72 by The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Daisys Up Your Butterfly by The Cramps
Bear Trap by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Screwdriver by The Bellrays
I Am the Lightbulb by Dan Melchior & Das Menace
La la LA by ZzZ
Run Run Run by The Velvet Underground

Dog Breath in the Year of the Plague by The Mothers of Invention
You Can't Judge a Book by It's Cover by Bo Diddley
Hello Mama by Willie West
Angel With Batwings by The Improbables
What a Way to Die by The Pleasure Seekers
Laugh it Me by The Devil Dogs
Eve of Destruction by Gregg Turner
Second Television by Mission of Burma
Blame it on Obama by Andre Williams

The Changeling by The Doors
I Know it All So Well by Dinosaur Jr
The Fevered Dream of Herando DeSoto by Pere Ubu
I'm a Mummy by The Fall
This Sinister Urge by The Fuzztones
Everything's Broken by Bettye LaVette
Black Widow Spider by Dr. John

People Have the Power by Patti Smith
Super Theory of Super Everything by Gogol Bordello
Infected by Simon Stokes & The Heathen Angels
The Kindness of Strangers by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Daddy's Home by Shep & The Limelighters
Waiting at the End of the Road by Geoff Muldaur's Futuristic Ensemble
American Tune by Paul Simon
CLOSING THEME: Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis

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