Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Check Out The New Look

I gotta admit that for the last several months -- o.k., dammit, years! -- I've kind of let this music blog slide. Sometimes for weeks at the time all I had here would be my radio show playlists and my Tuneup column.  

Pretty skimpy, I know. It became even more obvious a few months ago when I began doing Tune-up only every other week.

Finally last month I decided to force myself to create more content every week by adding two new features, Wacky Wednesday (some funny music to help you make it through the middle of the week) and Throwback Thursday (some fun musical history from long-gone eras). I'll also be looking for various other music-related things to post at other times during the week.

To mark these additions I decided to change the look of this joint, including a new collage for the header.

Remember, even though Terrell's Tune-up runs in the New Mexican, I do all this stuff on my own time. (And just to reiterate my disclaimer, the views expressed here are not necessarily those of The Santa Fe New Mexican or (Same goes for KSFR. Don't blame them for anything weird I might post here.) 

And by the way, I recently got my own domain name for this blog: It's still on Google blogger, at least for the time being, so the old link should still work. But if I decide to move on (after 11 years now!) the domain will still stay the same.

So keep coming back and tell your friends that The Stephen W. Terrell (MUSIC) Web Log is alive.

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