Wednesday, September 09, 2015

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Salute to Chic-a-Go-Go

Lil' Ratso and Miss Mia
If you live in Chicago and you love rock 'n' roll, chances are you're well acquainted with a cable access show called Chic-a-Go-Go. The show bills itself as "Chicago's Dance Show for Kids of All Ages."

From the website:

Drawing from legendary dance programs like Soul Train and American Bandstand, as well as Chicago's own 1960s shows Kiddie-A-Go-Go and Red Hot and Blues, CHIC-A-GO-GO combines classic TV entertainment with an original, quirky style. And unlike its dance show ancestors, CHIC-A-GO-GO takes advantage of its non-commercial home on the Chicago Access Network to create a diverse TV world that does not have to focus on a single demographic. People of all ages, colors, and backgrounds, linked by their love of music, dance together in harmony on the CHIC-A-GO-GO set. The dancers, who range in age from newborns to youthful seniors, move to the latest Hip Hop music, as well as classic R&B, Rock & Roll, Punk, Funk, and all points in between.
Nobunny does it for the children

The show was the brainchild of Roctober magazine's Jake Austen after writing an article on Kiddie-A-Go-Go.

I'm not sure whether Chic-a-Go-Go is still a going concern, Neither its website nor Roctober's has been updated in more than a year.

But YouTube gives al things a measure of immortality, so on this Wacky Wednesday enjoy some of my favorite clips from Chic-a-Go-Go.

First, there's the ever delightful Nobunny who urges the kids to "Bang a gong to the Son of Sam ..." The kids here seem a little apprehensive -- except the little girl wants to squeeze his snoot.

Hunx & His Punx have played on the show many times

Neil Hamburger does his best to depress the kiddies with one of his sad country songs.

There also are interview segments with an obnoxious puppet named Lil' Ratso. Here, in this 2008 clip, Ratso meets The Cramps.

Here's an interview by Lil' Ratso with Pere Ubu's David Thompson. Thomas warns the children to stay away from musicians, and don't become a musician: "Self expression should be left to the professionals. We're the only ones who can deal with the disappointment."

Then, watch the kids dance to a song by Pere Ubu. Later there's an appearance by a band called Zolar X that sounds pretty cool

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