Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WACKY WEDNESDAY: It's David Koresh's Birthday!

Exhibit inside Branch Davidian church, Mount Carmel, Texas. I took this in July 2007

When David Koresh's birthday falls on Wacky Wednesday, you take heed.

So as a second installment to my "Cult Music by Real Cults" series, I'm going to present some songs by the man born Vernon Wayne Howell.

Yes, before he went into the messiah business, Howell wanted to be a rock star. However he sounded liked some souped-up, third-rate Dan Fogelberg.

I can overlook that though. After all, he inspired the names of one of my favorite bands.

 Here are some of his tunes.

This first one is especially terrible. A crappy recording of a bad band. But at least the lyrics are crazy.

This one actually reminds me of some of Charlie Manson's songs

Here are a couple of songs about Koresh and the Waco tragedy.

The first is from a 2007 rock opera called David Koresh Superstar by a band called The Indelicates

And here's a song that's hard not to like whatever your political leanings. It's by the late Russell Means (and produced by the one and only Simon Stokes!)

What the Hell, here's the Waco Brothers!

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