Thursday, April 20, 2017

THROWBACK THURSDAY: It's 4-20 Time Again

Yes, this year Throwback Thursday falls on 4-20 itself.

Need I say more?

Enjoy this batch of vintage reefer songs, including a few from some of America's greatest jazz musicians.

Let's start with Slim & Slam (Slim Gaillard & Slam Stewart) singing about "Dopey Joe" from Baltimore.

Here's an old favorite, "Sweet Marijuana Brown" by Barney Bigard, featuring the amazing Art Tatum on piano.

From the mid 1940s comes Buck Washington with "Save the Roach for Me."

Gene Krupa, who actually went to jail for a few months for marijuana, offers "I'm Feeling High and Happy," featuring Helen Ward on vocals.

"Weed Smoker's Dream" by Kansas Joe McCoy & The Harlem Hamfats, later evolved into "Why Don't You Do Right." This version features a bitchen cartoon.

I have to admit I consume far more actual spinach than marijuana these days. But I don't think Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends are actually singing about Popeye's favorite vegetable.

If this ain't enough for you, check out more old-time reefer classics on an old Throwback Thursday and some newer tunes on this 4-20 Wacky Wednesday.

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