Wednesday, June 14, 2017


My beloved 15-year-old fuzzy-faced mutt Rocco Rococo left this earthly plain this week, so I'm dealing with some real pain here.

So this Wacky Wednesday is for Rocco. It's a set of  wacky tunes about man's best friend. I think my best friend would wag his tail for these.

Let's start out with Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs ode to a cartoon canine lawman, Deputy Dawg.

"Marie Provost" is Nick Lowe's sardonic ode to Marie Prevost (he calls her "Provost") the one-time movie star who died in January, 1937, She died of malnutrition, basically drinking herself to death at the age of 38. According to Hollywood legend -- perpetrated by a chapter in Kenneth Anger's scurrilous Hollywood Babylon -- she was eaten by her own pet dachshund, Maxie. That gruesome tale is widely disputed, though it inspired Lowe's song.

Hey Hey it's The Monkees singing this dumb doggy ditty from their first album

Rockabilly Ronnie Self offers this shoulda-been-a classic tune that's not only a bitchen rocker, but also an pioneering experiment in radical grammar: "Ain't I'm a Dog."

Finally, here's Rocco's favorite house rocker, Hound Dog Taylor playing a tribute to Howlin' Wolf

Rocco Rococo in happier days. Photo by Helen Sobien

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