Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WACKY WEDNESDAY: Sharing a Birthday


On this day, December 30 in 1928, a child named Elias McDaniel was born in McComb, Mississippi. He would grow up to be a member of the Valencia County Sheriff's Reserves, an honorary citizen of Santa Fe, and, oh yeah, a true founding father of rock 'n' roll, known to the world as Bo Diddley.

Thirty three years later in New York City a boy named Sean Patrick Hannity was born. He grew up to be one of the nation's most successful right-wing blowhards and unofficial advisors of outgoing President Donald J. Trump, the loser of last month's presidential election.

Hannity and Diddley born on the same day. This proves astrology is real!

I've met both of these birthday boys. In 1985 I interviewed Deputy Diddley when he came to Santa Fe to play Club West. The day of the show Mayor Louis Montano -- at my urging -- had Diddley come to his office to be honored with a certificate naming him an honorary citizen of our city. That was a momentous day!

Then in 2004, at the Democratic National Convention in Boston, while waking around the convention center one afternoon I stumbled across "Radio Row," where radio reporters were working. There at a desk was Hannity doing a live broadcast. I was surprised to see him at a Democratic convention and stood there slack-jawed for a couple of moments. Hannity looked up at me, obviously irritated. "Can I help you with something?" he said. 

That wasn't as momentous as meeting Bo Diddley.

In honor of the senior birthday boy, here are a couple of tunes celebrating the man amongst men. 

Sorry, I couldn't find any songs honoring Sean Hannity. [OOOPS! See update below]

First, Warren Zevon covering a Diddley hit:

Here's Roky Erikson with The Nervebreakers, mutating one of Diddley's hits

The Jesus and Mary Chain proclaimed that "Bo Diddley is Jesus." I'd have loved to have seen Diddley's face if or when he ever heard this.

And here's Diddley himself, doing one of my favorite songs from his latter-day catalogue.

UPDATE: My Washington correspondent and Beltway Insider Chuck pointed this Hannity song by the Gregory Brothers (featuring Blondie. And what's Weird Al doing in this photo?)

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