Sunday, March 07, 2021


Sunday, March 7, 2021
KSFR, Santa Fe, NM
10 p.m. to midnight Sundays Mountain Time
Host: Steve Terrell 101.1 FM
Email me during the show! terrell(at)

Here's my playlist :

OPENING THEME: Let It Out (Let it All Hang Out) by The Hombres
The Wasp by Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons
No Panic, No Stress by The Scaners
Jet Black Hair by The Goldstars
Own It Bone It by The Barbaraellatones
Takin’ Over by The Mal Thursday Quintet
Watch Out for Me Ronnie by Yo La Tengo
Black Plague Blues by Figures of Light
Horses by Pere Ubu
This Guy’s in Love With You by Faith No More
(Background Music: Shoot to Kill by Quincy Jones)

Bumble Bee Zombie by Roky Erikson
He Looks Like a Psycho by The Electric Mess
Floor is Not Wall by Danger Cutterhead
Contagious by Sleeve Cannon
Sweet Jane by Lou Reed
Blur Blur Blur by Degurutieni
Sign of Judgment by The Luxurious Faux Furs
Coffee Monkey by The Bottle Rockets
No Swallerin’ Place by June Carter
(Background Music: Cyclone by The Fabulous Cyclones )

Talking Main Event Magazine Blues by Mike Edison
Fairytale in the Supermarket by The Raincoats
Last Night by Honshu Wolves
I’m the Ocean by Neil Young & Pearl Jam 
Reprimand by Joe West
(Background Music: Jalousie by Esquivel)

Last Train from Poor Valley by The Seldom Scene
Stepchild by Solomon Burke
Opening of the Box by Tony Joe White
On the Nickel by Tom Waits
CLOSING THEME: Over the Rainbow by Jerry Lee Lewis

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