Thursday, June 23, 2005


Jeff Weiss and his beautiful wife Corrie run Miles of Music, a very cool and very righteous mail order business for American roots music, alternative country, Americana and other things they like.

And now Jeff's running a Miles of Music blog. I just checked it out and was impressed. Though Jeff's not above plugging new stuff at MOM, this blog is not a mere advertising vehicle. It's put together by someone who truly loves music.

He has a lot of links to music news stories -- I didn't realize that it was L.A. country-rocker Eleni Mandell who did the music for the Paris Hilton Carl's Junior commercial! -- and even has the latest FAR (Freeform American Roots Radio) chart.

So if you like the kind of stuff I play on The Santa Fe Opry, check out the Miles of Music blog.

(Full disclosure time: Miles of Music used to sell my CD. Together we made dozens of dollars. But that's not why I'm plugging him.)

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