Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Here's a cool site (thanks, Garry!) with strange and delighful album covers -- a self-described "orphanage for thrift store music"

You can even find some MP3s, like this one.

These guys are the brain trust behind Companion Records, home to such delights as Charlie Tweddle and The New Creation.

UPDATE: Fooling around on this site just now I stumbled across an album by a real live Santa Fe Band, Henry Ortiz & The J-Js.

I knew Henry Ortiz. He had a Hispanic music radio show on KTRC back in the early '70s when I got my first radio gig. He used to hire me to sub for his show, even though I don't speak Spanish.

Henry also used to own a cool little record store downtown called Kiva Records. It specialized in Spanish language music.

Back in the '80s. my pal Steve Sandoval made me a great compilation tape of New Mexico music that had several cuts by The J-Js.

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