Sunday, July 24, 2005


If you think you see Ashton Kutcher hanging around the Roundhouse or Quentin Tarantino in line at the Hunan Restaurant or Keanu Reeves browsing at the south-side Borders, it's probably just me. I just took the Analogia Star Estimator test to see which celebrities I most resemble (hey, it's a lazy Sunday!) and these are the results their crack computers came up with. (I think this link is only good for a couple of days, so hustle!)

UPDATE: What does my dog, Rocco have in common with Hugh Grant, Matthew Broderick and Jackie Chan? CLICK HERE. (Again, this link is only good for a couple of days ...)


Hey look, Rep. Greg Payne, R-Albuquerque, is blogging again after a two-month absence from the blogosphere.


I picked up some new and used CDs in Albuquerque, including some new releases (Ryan Adams' country-rock return Cold Roses, and a new X album called Live in Los Angeles (looks like I'm going to have to pick up the DVD too).

I also bought Mink, Rat or Rabbit by a retro/garage band called The Detroit Cobras; Chef Aid: The South Park Album (gotta have them "Chocolate Salty Balls" plus there's a song here by Rick James and Ike Turner!); Ace (the only Bob Weir solo album I ever liked); The Band's self-titled "Brown Album" (I have most the songs on various compilations, but I've never owned the CD version of this album -- one of the greatest records in history -- before now); a cheap but worthy Memphis Minnie collection; and a strange Gene Vincent album called The Beginning of the End, which is stuff the rockabilly royal recorded in the early '60s. There's some hideously cheesy tracks, such as two takes of a watered-down "Be-Bop-A- Lula" featuring a tacky flute and a new verse that informs us that "Be-Bop-A-Lula, she's a little twister." (Note to younger readers: This refers to a dance craze called "The Twist" that was popular about the time this was recorded. By the way, The Detroit Cobras do a version of the Hank Ballard song, better known by Chubby Checker, "The Twist," which The Cobras call "The Cha Cha Twist") However there's some great obscure Vincent tracks like "Private Detective" (the singer's trying to score with a sexy female gumshoe hired by his jealous wife) and a hard gutsy "Baby Blues." I'm not sure what to make of Vincent's out-there take on "Lavender Blue." All I can say is dilly dilly!

I'll play some Detroit Cobras, X and probably some other stuff from this batch on Terrell's Sound World tonight. Also some new songs from Otis Taylor, Robert Cray, Alice Cooper (!) and others. That's 10 p.m. Mountain Time on KSFR, 90.7 FM in Santa Fe and streaming on the web.


Last night I watched Beyond the Sea, Kevin Spacey's loving ode to Bobby Darin. Spacey not only acted in, directed and co-wrote the movie, he sang all of Darin's songs in it. It got mediocre-to-bad reviews, but I liked it, even the big song-and-dance sequences. My only complaint was he never did "If I Were a Carpenter" -- Darin's big folk-rock hit from the mid '60s.

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