Friday, August 19, 2005


Sorry, but I've got to unring a bell.

Seems like I've got to unring a bell here.

Turns out that this week's Terrell's Tune-up was held this week because of all the Indian Market stuff. (Sure wish I'd known that was going to happen a couple of Sundays ago when scrambling to get that column written before I left town ...)

Anyway, I've temporarily pulled what was supposed to be this week's column, my reviewing of the new Drywall album Barbecue Baylon. If you read it while it was posted here for 14 hours or so, please forget everything I said ... until next week when I post it again.

For dynamic coverage of Santa Fe Indian Market, read this week's Pasatiempo in Friday's Santa Fe New Mexican. (Speaking of Indian Market, I freelanced a story on tomorrow night's Native Roots & Rhythms concert at Paolo Soleri. Sorry, it's not online. But an old story I did on NR&R in No Depression is here (scroll down).

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