Monday, August 08, 2005


Former New Mexico journalist Shea Andersen, who covered politics for The Albuquerque Tribune before moving to Idaho this year, apparently still is addicted to New Mexico politics. He wrote a profile of Gov. Bill Richardson for Check it out. (If you're not a subscriber you'll have to endure an ad to get a "day pass" to Salon, but it's worth it.)

Shea has a great opening paragraph:
"The camera does not love Bill Richardson. Close-ups, head shots, even profiles do nothing for the New Mexico governor's jowly, moon-faced countenance ..."
I'm catching a train to California tomorrow, and I'm on vacation, so I shouldn't be blogging about politics. But when I read Jason Auslander's story today about Richardson possibly investigating Municipal Judge Fran Gallegos, I couldn't help but think about former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Tony Scarborough's comments a couple of weeks ago in Roundhouse Round-up about the governor and the Judicial Standards Commission. (CLICK HERE and scroll down to the last item.)

My trip means no Roundhouse Round-up this week and Laurel Reynolds is subbing for both my radio shows this weekend, but check here Friday for Terrell's Tune-up.

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