Wednesday, August 16, 2006


First off, Jim Baca called to say he will be returning his $10,000 contribution from Jeffrey Epstein.

My story was noted in the blog, ("An Online Business Tabloid and Wall Street Gossip Blog.")

In a previous post Dealbreaker chided a New York candidate who was returning Epstein's contributions, offering this perspective:

Let's put it this way. By sending back Epstein's $10,000 donation, Attorney General candidate Green just bought Epstein 50 sessions with local highshool girls at $200 a pop.

(Let's do remember, folks, Epstein is innocent until proven guilty and that hasn't happened quite yet.)

UPDATE: Sheriff Solano talks about his contribution from Epstein on his blog.

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    Sheriff Solano to donate funds to Charity

    August 17, 2006
    Sheriff Greg Solano will be donating $1000 to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and $1000 to Challenge New Mexico both local charities doing important work for citizens of New Mexico. The money represents money donated by Jeffrey Epstein to Sheriff Solano’s Campaign in 2005. Although the money had been spent and the election over in June of 2006 Sheriff Solano felt it was the right thing to do in this circumstance. Sheriff Solano will make the donations using a combination of new donations and his own money.


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